Quality Standards

All members of ESTOC believes that the regulation for food could be one of the guiding principles when considering smokeless tobacco products, since these products are consumed and partly ingested in the mouth or in the nose. This means that the emphasis is, just as with food regulation, on consumer protection. This also means that like food, smokeless tobacco products should meet high hygiene standards. Food regulation should also be a guiding principle for regulating ingredients added to smokeless tobacco products.

Since 1971 chewing tobacco and snus are included in the Swedish Food Act - the rationale being that these tobacco products are consumed in the mouth and are partly ingested. As stated in the Swedish Food Act (SFS 1971:511, translation from Swedish): “Food-stuffs are defined as foods, beverages, stimulants or other products that are intended to be consumed by humans with the exception of products that are regulated by the Medical Products Act (1962:701)”. As a consequence, only additives and flavour ingredients permitted for food are allowed for snus and chewing tobacco. Also, the hygienic conditions during manufacture and storage are subjected to regular inspection by food authorities.

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