ESTOC consists of the following bodies:

General Assembly

The ESTOC General Assembly is the main decision-making body of ESTOC, consisting of representatives from all ESTOC members. The General Assembly takes all the general decisions for ESTOC and also determines the general targets for ESTOC. In addition, it also holds the following powers:
  • Votes on the annual report of the preceding year and on the programme for future activities;
  • Decides on all matters concerning the closing of the financial year, accepts the auditor's report, appoints and discharges the Board of Directors, the bookkeeper and the Statutory Auditor;
  • Approves the budget and determines the amounts which will need to be collected;
  • Decides on the acceptance of members.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the management and administration of ESTOC. The members of the board are elected annually by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors takes actions as a collegial board and decisions are taken by an ordinary majority of votes.

Vice Chairman Patrik Hildingsson, Swedish Match AB (Photographer: Peter Knutsson)

Patrik Hildingsson
Swedish Match AB

Ian Jones
Japan Tobacco International

Kristof Doms, Philip Morris International

Kristof Doms
Philip Morris International

Member Michael Drest Nielsen, House of Oliver Twist.

Michael Drest Nielsen
House of Oliver Twist A/S

Steven Stotesbury
Imperial Tobacco

Ulf Bauer
British American Tobacco

Internal Auditor

The internal auditor is elected annually by the General Assembly. Currently Mr. Leif Hansson, Fiedler & Lundgren is the appointed ESTOC internal auditor.

Leif Hansson
ESTOC Internal Auditor
Fiedler & Lundgren

Scientific Committee

The role of the Scientific Committee is to provide critical assessment of the science in support of ESTOC's overall strategy. It does so by providing evidence-based scientific support to the ESTOC General Assembly and Board of Directors.

The committee chairman is elected annually from among the committee members. Dr. Maurice Smith is currently the chairman.

Dr. Maurice Smith
Chairman Scientific Committee Philip Morris International



Members of the Scientific Committee

  • Ms. Lisette Albrecht (House of Oliver Twist A/S)
  • Ms. Margareta Curvall (Swedish Match AB)
  • Mr. Lars-Erik Rutqvist (Swedish Match AB)
  • Mr. Anton Pachinger (Japan Tobacco International)
  • Mr. Kevin McAdam (British American Tobacco)

TPD Task Force

The main objective of the TPD Task Force is to ensure that ESTOC's positions and views are based on facts and presented to its stakeholders in a transparent and objective manner. The task force plays a crucial role in the engagement of members and the day-to-day coordination of activities.

The chairman is elected annually from among the committee members. Ms. Cecilia Kindstrand-Isaksson is currently the chairman of the committee.

Cecilia Kindstrand-Isaksson
Chairman of TPD Task Force
Swedish Match

Members of the TPD Task Force

  • Mr. Alessandro Tschirkov (Imperial Tobacco)
  • Mr. Michael Hack (Japan Tobacco International)
  • Mr. Ralf Plaufmann-Olsen (British American Tobacco)
  • Ms. Inge Delfosse (ESTOC)
  • Mr. Radu Colonescu (ESTOC)

Media Working Group

The Media Working Group is under the umbrella of the TPD Task Force. The working group’s focus is on ESTOCs media activities and relations. Ms. Rupini Bergström is currently the chairman of the Committee.

Rupini Bergström
Chairman of the Media WG
Swedish Match AB

Members of the Media Working Group:

  • Ms. Marina Murphy (British American Tobacco)
  • Ms. Inge Delfosse (ESTOC)

Tax Working Group

The purpose of the Tax Working Group is to give tobacco taxation advice to facilitate decision making. Ms. Christa Pelsers is currently the chairman of the Committee.

Christa Pelsers
Chairman of Tax WG
British American Tobacco

Members of the Tax Working Group

  • Mr. Michael Drest Nielsen (House of Oliver Twist A/S)
  • Mr. Georg Gundersen (Assens Tobaksfabrik)
  • Ms. Inge Delfosse (ESTOC)
  • Mr. Adrian Fratila (Japan Tobacco International)
  • Mr. Michael Hack (Japan Tobacco International)
  • Mr. Declan Coyne (Philip Morris International)
  • Mr. Stefan Lundmark (Swedish Match AB)
  • Ms. Cecilia Kindstrand-Isaksson (Swedish Match AB)
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